Standing Out From The Competition

Proactive Marketing

Behind every closed door there is a story to be told. The Blackstone Team has invested greatly in making sure that the story told is done perfectly, creating a connection to the right buyer. With our pro-active marketing approach and a strong emphasis in social media and target marketing, this unique experience is what sets apart the Blackstone Team from the rest.

Take Your Listing To The Next Level

Social Media Marketing

Today’s buyers are social media driven, and that’s where the Blackstone Team thrives. We have the skillsets and technology to capture those buyers right where they are, on their smart phones, visiting their social media accounts and showcasing your property to them.

Showing Your Property In The Best Light

Blackstone Films

Everyone loves a good story. This is why The Blackstone Team has its own YouTube Channel dedicated to showcasing your home via a professionally produced lifestyle film, telling the story that buyers will fall in love with.

Only The Best For Our Clients

Architectural Photography

Ever wonder why our photos POP and look amazing? Our Photographers are some of the best in the business! The Blackstone Team understands the importance on how a property should be viewed online. Our photographers use special cameras and equipment to capture the architectural essence of your home and features so it is seen as it was designed to be.

Making Sure Your Home Is Ready To Impress

Staging To Sell

When it comes to showcasing your home online or in-person, staging is key. Not only does it help buyers connect emotionally and visually, it also helps capture the true essence of your home. The Blackstone Team understands this and works side by side with their certified stagers, giving your home that ‘’Show Ready” and welcoming touch.

Get to Know Your Team

Team Approach

A Team will always out perform an individual! The Blackstone Team is comprised of highly skilled Real Estate professionals that are well versed in negotiations, today’s technology, client centered service, while giving you a personal touch that you deserve.