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Scariest Halloween Homes




Who’s there, did you hear that, what was that? Yes folks, it’s the haunting season and Halloween is just around the corner. As the days get shorter and the nights longer, it reminds me of my childhood long ago where we had shaving cream fights, homemade costumes and trick-or-treats. As we meandered throughout the neighborhood filling our pillow cases with goodies, there was always that one house you wouldn’t dare knock on and just go past as quickly as possible.  You know that ugly scary home with overgrown trees, piles of leaves, torn screen front door barely hanging on making sure that no kid would dare to come and trick-or-treat. 

This got me thinking, what are the scariest homes we know collectively as nation, and where are they located, what made them infamous, and would I go knock on their door this Halloween? We’ll here are three of the scariest homes.  I dare you to go and knock on their door this Halloween night.

  1. Winchester House – San Jose, CA

Photo courtesy of Winchester Mystery House

The unfinished home built by ghost spirits where the doors leads to nowhere!

The Winchester house located in northern California was the home commissioned by Sarah Winchester, the widow of firearm magnate William Wirt Winchester (Winchester rifle fame). Known as the Ghosts of lost souls. Legend has it that the home was built to help house the wandering souls of those killed by the Winchester rifle. Having a fortune at her disposal it was said that construction of the home was around the clock with constant changes made to the home. There were no building plans or direction, since Sarah Winchester was guided with all the details of the construction from the lost souls that spoke to her constantly.  So, to appease them the home was built with doors leading nowhere, windows looking into rooms, stairs leading to dead ends, and countless hidden compartments leading to the mystique and creepiness of this home. 

The home is open to the public, and to this day they are still uncovering hidden rooms and if you stay the night you might just get visited by one of the lost souls who roam around the home.


Photo courtesy of Winchester Mystery House

The home has been featured on the big screen and recently as Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built – 2018

  1. Amityville Horror Home – Amityville, NY

Photo courtesy of American International/Everett

Voices, Crucifixes, Holy water, Green Slime are a few of the odd things surrounding this infamous home.   

Located on a tree lined street in a neighborhood known for estate style homes this Dutch colonial estate, has been the center of books, films and curiosity seekers since the mid 1970’s. As a fellow New Yorker who grew up in Long Island, I remembered as a young boy my friends and I were always curious if the stories and myths were true, but we never dared to go in and discover for ourselves. There was always something eerie and scary every time we drove past the home.

The home first got its fame from the mass murder of the Defeo family, and the hands of the son Ron Defoe. He claimed he heard voices plotting against him, which led to him doing the most unghastly of all deeds, shooting his entire family as they asleep in their beds. 

Thirteen months later the home was sold to the Lutz family, who were made aware of the home’s previous deadly history and decided to move ahead with the purchase. Upon moving in they were advised by a family friend to have a Catholic priest to bless the home. As he was going about the blessing he heard a deep loud voice say “GET OUT”. The priest later advises the family to stay away from the room on second floor where he heard it (this is the room where the brothers Marc & John were brutally murdered). As the months went by there were multiple odd things occurring, green slime appearing, voices, slamming doors that eventually they family fled and never went back. The home has since changed hands and occasionally you’ll hear of reports of weird things still going in. I still get chills when passing by it when in town.

If you haven’t seen the movie “Amityville Horror”, don’t watch it alone!

Photo courtesy from &

The Amityville Horror’ director Stuart Rosenberg James Brolin with actress Margot Kidder in front of the ‘Amityville’ house up for sale.

  1. The Joshua Ward House – Salem, MA

Photo Courtesy of

Hangings, trials and witches oh my.

Built in 1784 on the site where the infamous witch trials (1692-93) occurred by Sheriff George Corwin (aka George the Strangler). After all was said and done, 19 innocent people were tortured and hung. Sheriff Corwin died a few years later and his body was buried in the basement of the site (later the foundation for the Ward house) to avoid mutilation from those seeking revenge. Eventually the body was removed, and to this day you hear stories of his ghosts along with others haunting the premises.

Next time you travel to Massachusetts be sure to stop by and say hi, just do it during daylight. 

Hope you enjoyed what I felt is a few of the scariest homes around. If you know of locally feel free to comment blow and share your scariest home. Have ghoulish and fun Halloween. 

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