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family room faves

Design a Room That Suits Your Style

A family room is a flex space that suits a variety of casual-living needs. Less formal than a living room but more multipurpose than a playroom, a family room is often designed around a television. But there are no hard-and-fast rules. Your family room can feature whatever you wish, from a craft area to a library, from a theater to a gym. When determining the best fit for your family, consider an emphasis on comfort and ample seating. Durable furnishings are a smart choice for this popular spot in the home, along with adaptable pieces like adjustable tables with varying sizes and heights.


Instead of featuring a single bulky sofa and a flat screen TV that spans an entire wall, you might try dividing your family room into sections that suit different scenarios. For instance, you can incorporate a shared desk area for wrapping gifts, sorting mail, folding laundry, etc. This can also double as a spot for kids to do their homework and hang out with their friends after school.

Add a game table in a corner to accommodate casual meals. Or take food and drink to new heights with a counter-height bar surrounded by comfy stools. This can also be a cozy spot to host coffee or cocktails. If there is room nearby, consider adding a pool table, a pinball machine, or a play space that is specially geared toward kiddos.


Make sure your family room feels just as cozy for one person as it does for a gathering of friends and family. Area rugs define each function while lending warmth to the space as a whole. Complement investment pieces with personal art like family photos, kids’ creations, and other sentimental objects.

Pops of color perk up a neutral background and create a more cohesive feel when attempting to merge disparate objects. Task lighting can accentuate different sections of the family room as needed, while a ceiling fan provides relief from above. An existing entertainment center can display artwork in lieu of a TV. But maintain the original intent of an entertainment center by incorporating a charging station for your electronics and speakers for your music.

Family Room Faves


If you have a farm table that is a tight squeeze in your kitchen, try moving it to the family room. Whether you place it against a wall or make it the centerpiece of the room, it will get plenty of use in this space where people spend a considerable amount of time.

Not all lounging has to happen on a slouchy couch. Flexible pieces like daybeds are ideal for an afternoon catnap or occasional overflow of overnight guests. Their low profile makes them a great room divider that can service more than one seating area without blocking a focal point like a fireplace. Modular furniture is another safe bet, such as a sectional that can be separated and reconfigured throughout the room.


Store everything from pillows and blankets to batteries and board games in your family room so they are always close at hand. Storage can be incorporated with bookcases, shelves, ottomans, end tables, and even chaise longue compartments. If you use this space for frequent entertaining, you might want to keep party supplies in a dresser that can also support a small TV. Portable pieces work wonders in this type of environment, such as rolling bar carts that can adapt to any situation.

Readjust your family room until you find the perfect fit, whatever that setup may look like to you. Fill it with opportunities for quiet time and socializing, and assess your surroundings every now and then to ensure your environment evolves with ever-changing needs.


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